Our Background and Origin

In January 2007, from 20th – 24th twenty seven women and one man from seven African and two European countries, representing different religious congregations and Church based Christian and Muslim organizations gathered in NAIROBI, Kenya, at an International Conference on Trafficking in women and children, to deliberate on ways of combating this evil menace of human trafficking. This Conference was sponsored by MM (Mensen met een Missie), then known as CMC in collaboration with SRTV (Dutch Foundation of Religious against Trafficking in Women) all of Netherlands. We all agreed at this Conference to undertake actions against this rapidly growing problem in Africa. Having placed much emphasis on networking this group decided to form a network: ANAHT - African Network Against Human Trafficking. For now, the headquarters is in Lagos, Nigeria.


The vision of ANAHT is to stop African women from unsafe migration and trafficking by letting them realize that what they see as ‘paradise’ can be hell for illegal migrants.


ANAHT is a non-governmental international organisation whose mission is to build and strengthen existing networks in Africa and so make a strong contribution in the fight against human trafficking. It also works to assist returned survivors of trafficking in persons by helping to create a sustainable and fulfilling life style and dependable means of livelihood


The overall objective of this Network is the building and strengthening of African Networks. It is also serves as a communication network linking up groups of people and organizations that will be able to support each other and share information in different African countries. The main Focus of ANAHT activities are: • Working on awareness raising concerning the issue of human trafficking • Encouraging and strengthening the organizations that are undertaking activities to battle the problem of human trafficking • Facilitating networking activities among the different member organizations • Working in prevention, assistance and advocacy against human trafficking. To achieve this goal we work together with other religious, faith based organisations and other key players in this fight in our various countries, in Africa and the world at large. ANAHT & THE SISITERS OF ST. LOUIS On January 1st, 2009, Sr. Patricia Ebegbulem, a Sister of St. Louis was appointed the African coordinator of ANAHT by CMC from 1st January, 2009 – December 31st, 2009. At the end of that year, CMC expressed their inability to continue with the financing of the project. Realising the gravity of what was involved and committed to the empowerment of women, the Sisters of St. Louis stepped in and supportd Sr. Patricia both with her activities of creating awareness and sensitizing people. On certain occasions the Sisters of St. Louis supported the rehabilitation and reintegration of some of the survivors of human trafficking. In this regard, the Sisters of St. Louis have been sustaining and promoting the work of ANAHT.