St. Josephine Margaret Bakhita was a Sudanese-Italian Canossian religious sister. She was  abducted like her elder sister two years later. She was forced to walk barefoot, sold and bought over the course of twelve years.


Public awareness the key to curbing Human Trafficking. exposing the tricks these sharks use to lure our children, mothers and family.

  • Prevent

Collaborating with the local and international authorities to handle any cases of human trafficking and child labour.


After our treasures are rescued we take them through several courses of  counseling  them teaching them that they are treasure.

  • Empower

Treasures choose from a variety of courses. They are properly trained and equipped with either a vocation or education.

  • reintegrate

Empowered Treasures go back into the society to lead normal lives. Rejoined with their family whom they have been away from.

  • Monitor

Once back into the society, Treasures are equipped to live like every other person. their progress is recorded and evaluated.

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