Africa Network Against Human Trafficking


Bakhita Villa is the home for victims of Human Trafficking, who have voluntarily chosen or have been helped to opt out of the despicable street life where they are sexually abused, battered and shattered. For the past nine years we have been rehabilitating and reintegrating victims of human trafficking who are either deported or choose to return voluntarily. Unfortunately, we do not have enough space to meet the demands and reach out to other vulnerables. In our present rented house, we use the same room as office, living room and store. Fortunately there is a house beside us which will provide rooms for more accommodation. If we can purchase this house, we can accommodate additional 12 ladies and 3 men comfortably. We will have space for office and skill acquisition. We can now reach out and help more people. Most importantly the house will be ours (not rented) and we will be able to provide our services to the vulnerables. Total cost: €150,000.00


Public Awareness, Sensitization and Outreach program is ANAHT's strong suit.


Educating the populace: both young and old on the dangers of trafficking.


A project is setup for the returnee based on their individual strengths.


Individuals are attached to various schools where they acquire useful skills.


Individuals are introduced back into the society with their new skills.


Victims progress is regularly inspected and documented.


Information gathered are evaluated and help rendered where needed.

Meet our team

Our team comprises of skilled professionals from complementary areas of expertise.

Patricia Ebegbulem SSL.

Patricia Ebegbulem SSL.


Sr. Patricia is the Founder of the African Network Against Human Trafficking.

Laurencia Daniel SSL.

Laurencia Daniel SSL.

Director (Projects)

Sr. Laurencia is a dedicated religious in this war against trafficking in persons.

Angela Onyema SSL.

Angela Onyema SSL.

Director (Accounts and records)

Sr. Angela is a religious, her managerial skills are equal to non.

Roseline Adigwe

Roseline Adigwe.


She better known as "Mama Ify", nothing gets past her.

Ucheoma Osuji

Ucheoma Osuji

Projects Manager

She's a multitasker, who works beatifully with deadlines.

Xavier Ihee

Xavier Ihee

IT Counsultant

He makes every thing seem so easy...Great team player.

Tina Silas

Tina Silas

Shelter Director

She's in charge of the Shelter, need anything? Tina's got you covered.

Sunday Akinshin

Sunday Akinshin

Locations Officer

This guy knows the best routes to any location. He hates traffic jams.


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